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SureStore Self Storage

SureStore Christmas Storage - hide all your gifts!

SureStore Self Storage is the perfect place to stash all your gifts away from prying eyes to make sure they stay safe until Christmas.

Self storage will keep growing as more Britons hoard

Self storage is sure to keep growing as Britons hoard

Read how the self storage industry continues to grow as Britain continues to consume and keep hold of older possessions.

Tool self storage units

SureStore Self Storage can secure your tools and livelihood

A van owner has become the latest victim in a spate of tool thefts. It comes as a warning to owners to find alternative storage

Self storage for stamford, Deeping, Peterborough and bourne

New self storage service for Peterborough, Stamford, The Deepings and Bourne

Workplace Property is pleased to announce the launch of a new self storage service at its King Street Industrial Estate site- SureStore Self Storage.

Boomerang kids contribute to self storage

Boomerang kids contribute to self storage boom

Boomerang kids refers to young people who due to being unable to get on the property ladder or high rent prices are forced to move back in with their parents.

Surestore self storage uses free cycle

SureStore promote gift economics through Freecycle.

SureStore Self Storage is a member of both the Peterborough and South Kesteven Freecycle group which serves The Deepings, Stamford and Bourne.

new builds help self storage industry

Small new builds help grow self storage industry

A new report by the Royal Institute of Architects or RIBA has found the new build homes in the UK are the smallest in all of Western Europe.

Surestore self storage expands again due to demand

SureStore Self Storage expands again due to high demand

Due to high occupancy levels in our existing rooms, we are embarking on further expansion to give us another 18 self storage rooms.

Peterboroughs best value self storage company

Peterborough's best value self store expands

The launch of our self storage facility has proven to be a great success, with the best value self storage rates in the Peterborough area.

Surestore self storage restricted items

SureStore Self Storage restricted & prohibited items

There are a number of prohibited goods that must not be stored at SureStore Self Storage to ensure the safety and well-being of the site and other self storage users.

Self storage box rooms could help UK economy

Boom in box rooms could help the UK economy

Self storage units are cheap, convenient and as spacious as you want them to be, they might also be just what the UK economy needs.

Surestore self storage sponsors blackstone

SureStore Self Storage sponser Blackstone JFC U 11's.

SureStore Self Storage are proud to announce our sponsorship of Blackstone's Junior Football Club's under 11's team.

Population boom is bad for self storage

Population boom is bad news for personal storage.

The world population had passed the 7 billion mark. It's cause for celebration or an indicator that we're running out of space and storage.

Merry christmas from surestore self storage

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from SureStore Self Storage

SureStore still offers 24 hour access over Christmas however you will require your gate card to access the King Street Industrial Estate.

Choosing the right self storage

Sure-fire tips for choosing the right self storage

Choosing who to store with isn't as straight forward as you think so SureStore have drawn up 6 top tips to help you select the right facility to meet your needs.

Surestore self storage expands again

Peterborough, Bourne and The Deeping's best value self store expands again

Self storage space is in high demand and as such we've had to extend our facility and increase the size of our self storage room.